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Why Investments into Photovoltaics are worthwhile

All over the world the generation of electricity from solar energy gains importance to ensure a safe and future-oriented energy supply. Photovoltaic cells have generated electricity from solar light ever since 1958, when they were first employed on space flights.

Meanwhile solar systems can be installed on almost every rooftop, enabling roof-owners to produce their own electricity, with a solar collector, an inverter and a power meter. Stable feed-in tariffs, guaranteed by the government (e.g. in Malaysia) enable good profits on the basis of an ecological business model. Besides that owners of a solar system can lower their running energy costs by consuming their own energy.

No country in the world has installed as many photovoltaic power systems as Germany. Benefit from our long-standing experience and expertise, when it comes to the planning and implementation of technically certified and environmentally sound solar systems of premium quality.


24. November 2017b*green project entwickelt 7,5-Megawatt-Solarprojekt in Homberg/KasselProjekt mit Zusatzflächen größtes Solarprojekt in Hessen. Der Solarprojektierer b*green project mit Sitz in München bringt aktuell auf einem ehemaligen Standortübungsplatz und Kasernenareal in Homberg bei Kassel ein 7,5-MW-Solarprojekt an den Start. Baubeginn ist der 13. August 2012, geplanter Fertigstellungstermin der 30. September 2012.